Learning by doing - Repetition and Awareness

Learning by doing. By doing, we learn everything. I mean, how can you claim that you know to play guitar if all you’ve ever done is read tons of books on the topic but never held the actual instrument once? Same is true of self-help, self improvement and self improvement. So many people (including me! ) read numerous theories, techniques and authors and merely skip in one book to the other without seriously implementing any change or teaching. So my question is: how could stop skipping in one book for the other and extremely start implementing change in our life? science of getting rich

You should raise the awareness. You do not only have to Understand that sticking to one (or only a few) self-help techniques is better, you should also Think it. The most crucial part is therefore to avoid looking for an ideal technique that will be right for you, as well as start working on any technique that YOU is likely to make work. You need to switch the equation! Repetition has an edge though: it allows you to see that the only way up is actually by sticking to one technique and mastering it. This is correct for just about any other lesson that we learn in life: we repeat exactly the same stories over and over again until we now have learned the lessons from them.learning by doingself improvement

Moreover, you are unable to teach almost anything to anyone. It is possible to only take care of your own personal growth which could influence others to move in the same direction. Read my article on “Can you help someone? ” to learn more about this.

So, i hope that you found and love your personal self-help techniques. In my case, I am going to concentrate on these in 2014:

6-Figure Kindle Club

Mental Bank Journal

Science of obtaining Rich (by Bob Proctor)

… and of course, I am going to continue to post regularly with this blog that enables me to clarify my thoughts and put some order within my busy mind!